Sustainable Living - A Website to Help School Children of India

Sustainable Living

Shrikant Rana and Rohit Chauhan, two youngsters from Saharanpur, started the website eVidyalam a year ago in 2020. Today both are running the website together and helping the students. They had met each other while teaching in school. Both of these are from the same field. Shrikant Rana is a computer and math teacher and Rohit Chauhan is a maths and science teacher. After attending many programmes together, the friendship went on getting stronger. Sometimes they used to share ideas with each other. This sharing revealed about each other's dreams and working style.

Starting a company is not easy, but if two or three people work together on an idea, then the idea can be turned into a successful project. This is what these two friends of Saharanpur have done. Friendship is a relation in which two friends play together in good and bad times. Due to this the bonding of the relation remains strong. Youngsters are also starting startups with this bonding.

Research First, then Start

For a long time, there was talk of starting some such programs for the children of India in Shrikant Rana's mind. At the end of 2019, Shrikant spoke to Rohit about this. He was also interested in it. Then both of them started doing research and survey for three to four months so that they can understand what the students think about it. What can be included in such a program? What would be their model?

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